Friday, November 18, 2016

My marriage is not a "lifestyle"

Since the election I have notice the hate crimes against the lgbtq community have risen quickly. Hearing about others has affected me, causing sleepless nights and inducing fear. I am pondering how I can help those most affected, and wondering when my wife and I will be the victims of such attacks.

That fear in and of itself has made me leery of our surroundings. Over cautious about how I am acting around my wife. Pausing to look around if I reach for her hand in public.

Yesterday my family who voted for Trump erupted on social media. They believe same sex marriage should be over turned. The pain of that reality and their support of such hate speech became too much. I have blocked them all on all social media pathways. When asked what the problem was they said my "lifestyle".

My lifestyle is normal. I attend church, work and am actively renovating a house. They meant my marriage to my wife. They are verbally attacking the best part of who I am. They believe it is their right.

My “lifestyle” was what they could not support. So it begins… again. Post Trump Stress Syndrome.

My name is Diane, and this is why I'm scared.