Monday, November 21, 2016

He can't scratch the black off

I've learned to recognize and navigate white supremacist attitudes (even among Christians). I've learned to trust & build solid relationships with many whites who I consider fam. It's not an easy thing to navigate, and I am prepared to deal with it until the Lord comes. Now I'm trusting God's Grace to help my son navigate it as I walk and process with him after hearing classmates say, "Hey Aslan, you gotta scratch the black off" or "let's start a Kool Kids Klub and call it the KKK"!

Grateful that the school administration dealt with it quickly. Teaching him to hope and strive for a better world despite the foolishness.

My name is Gerald, and this is why I'm scared.

Friday, November 18, 2016

My marriage is not a "lifestyle"

Since the election I have notice the hate crimes against the lgbtq community have risen quickly. Hearing about others has affected me, causing sleepless nights and inducing fear. I am pondering how I can help those most affected, and wondering when my wife and I will be the victims of such attacks.

That fear in and of itself has made me leery of our surroundings. Over cautious about how I am acting around my wife. Pausing to look around if I reach for her hand in public.

Yesterday my family who voted for Trump erupted on social media. They believe same sex marriage should be over turned. The pain of that reality and their support of such hate speech became too much. I have blocked them all on all social media pathways. When asked what the problem was they said my "lifestyle".

My lifestyle is normal. I attend church, work and am actively renovating a house. They meant my marriage to my wife. They are verbally attacking the best part of who I am. They believe it is their right.

My “lifestyle” was what they could not support. So it begins… again. Post Trump Stress Syndrome.

My name is Diane, and this is why I'm scared.

Even in progressive regions

This is the headline on the newspaper of one of the loveliest towns in America. It's in New England; a bastion of acceptance and progressive thought.

It makes me so sad.

This is why I'm scared.

The kids are the ones who are suffering

My son's friend was told not to touch someone's computer because he would dirty it with his filthy Mexican hands.

My name is Maria, and this is why I'm scared.

Six racial incidents in a week

I am on the school board in a small town in Michigan. We had six racial incidents this past week. The Superintendent had to send a letter home to all the families. We had to start a "Be Nice" program.

I don't want to use my name, but this is why I'm scared.

Will black kids have to sit in back again?

I heard on the news that a bunch of kids on a school bus near us in St. Louis shouted Trump's name and told the black kids to go to the back. This is not my America.

I don't want to use my name, but this is why I'm scared.

My grandkids are Latinx.

We helped with our youngest grandson's birthday party last weekend. Their dad is Mexican. It's been a rough week+ for him. As we talked about the election and what's been happening in social media, particularly with family members who voted for the president elect, our daughter began to cry. She said "I'm worried about the emotional and verbal abuse my kids are going to have to face, just because of the color of their skin! Just because of where their ancestors came from."

My name is Suzanne, and this is why I'm scared.

It started happening fast

I'm posting what's happened to me in the last 72 hours. You know ME. Let me share with you a few just so you know why I can't just "get over it".

  • "Maria, don't worry, you aren't one of those Mexican right?" (They waited for me to answer). "You will probably be safe." (Snickers as he walks away.)
  • "Get ready to go home!"
  • "Your kids are legal right?"
  • "Just be more AMERICAN when you encounter any more racial slurs."
  • You probably shouldn't travel any where just in case right? (They laugh)
  • "Does your family have passports to prove you are here legally?" (I was already in the processes of getting some for the kids as a precaution but they didn't know that.) 
These are just a few comments I've received and there are more. I won't even go into the anxiety and tears my kids have experienced. I've unfriended and broken relationships with people that voted for someone that has allowed people to now feel free to speak to me this way. This wasn't a difference in platforms like it has been in past elections. This was so much more if you were in one of the groups that he targeted. Do you think people who commit hate crimes stop and ask "Hey, are you one of the legal/good ones" before they strike?

But I should just get over it right? I don't want it to affect our friendship so we are good right? NO we aren't good. For many of us it may take a really long time to be "Good", "To Get Over It". and "To Stop being a Cry Baby".

My name is Maria, and this is why I'm scared.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Because My Article about Transgender Rights Generated Death Threats

In May 20016 I wrote an opinion piece for the Huffington Post supporting transgender bathroom rights. I wrote it for Christians, within a Christian context. I used the biblical creation account and the moment when Mary conceived Jesus as the basis for my premise.

It was a provocative piece, meant to generate discussion and draw attention.

But what happened shocked me. The story went viral, and thousands of people commented on websites, YouTube channels, and social media outlets. People were outraged. They called me all sorts of names, and suggested that my mother should have aborted me. Some said that the Huffington Post offices should be bombed. Others said that they wanted to kill me, and my family.

These responses were from Christians. Some were from white supremacist groups.

This is my story. And this is why I'm scared.