Friday, November 18, 2016

It started happening fast

I'm posting what's happened to me in the last 72 hours. You know ME. Let me share with you a few just so you know why I can't just "get over it".

  • "Maria, don't worry, you aren't one of those Mexican right?" (They waited for me to answer). "You will probably be safe." (Snickers as he walks away.)
  • "Get ready to go home!"
  • "Your kids are legal right?"
  • "Just be more AMERICAN when you encounter any more racial slurs."
  • You probably shouldn't travel any where just in case right? (They laugh)
  • "Does your family have passports to prove you are here legally?" (I was already in the processes of getting some for the kids as a precaution but they didn't know that.) 
These are just a few comments I've received and there are more. I won't even go into the anxiety and tears my kids have experienced. I've unfriended and broken relationships with people that voted for someone that has allowed people to now feel free to speak to me this way. This wasn't a difference in platforms like it has been in past elections. This was so much more if you were in one of the groups that he targeted. Do you think people who commit hate crimes stop and ask "Hey, are you one of the legal/good ones" before they strike?

But I should just get over it right? I don't want it to affect our friendship so we are good right? NO we aren't good. For many of us it may take a really long time to be "Good", "To Get Over It". and "To Stop being a Cry Baby".

My name is Maria, and this is why I'm scared.